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Nicole Benoit-Roy is the founder of Jesus Loves Everybody, a spiritual education leader, and Christian book author. Her love for teaching Early Childhood Literacy and witnessing for Christ inspired her to publish the Jesus Loves Everybody Children's Book Series. To her surprise, her first book in the series, Jesus Loves Everybody: Especially Me, won the 2012 Sharp Writ Book Award. She, later, wrote  What I Gain Through His Pain through which she ministers to adults. She has a dual Master’s Degree in Early Childhood/Special Education. She is currently pursuing  a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership.



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Jesus Loves Everybody: Especially Me, winner of the 2012 Sharp Writ Book Award, teaches children about Christ’s eternal love for them while learning about everyday/academic concepts.

Companion Coloring Book

adds a hands-on and creative


Jesus Love Us and Our Favorite Colors, a hands-on rhyming reading experience, teaches children that Jesus not only loves them but also cares about the things that are dear to them.

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Nicole struggled with the thought of Jesus' love for her.

One day, she heard a still small voice saying,

"I love you."

"No you don't," she objected.

They went back and forth for a while and then she candidly asked,

"But why?"

"It's unconditional," He responded.

"Oh!" she thought.

For the first time the meaning of "unconditional" penetrated her heart in a way she has never understood it before. It was divi-n-n-n-n-e intervention.

It was at that moment, she was able to freely accept this invitation to love.

And so she realized if Jesus could love her, even though she couldn't love Him back at the time, then He must love everybody.

Once she was convinced of Jesus' love for her, she allowed this love to saturate her.

Then, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Nicole and her son were basking in the Son's love. They playfully uttered and recorded their utterances which later became the manuscript for the Jesus Loves Everybody Children's Book series.

In 2011, a desire to teach literacy and evangelize her special needs students led her to publish the Jesus Loves Everybody Children's Book series. Five years later (2016), she founded JLE, Inc. but registered with the NYDOS in 2020.

Who Are We?

JLE, Inc. is an internet-based Christian organization.

Our Mission: Helping Children and their families develop a close-knit relationship with Jesus Christ, one day at a time.

Vision: Leading children and their families to discover their identity in Jesus Christ.

We provide quality Christian education programs and resources for children and their families to lead them to understand their identity in Christ and build spiritual wealth. We offer character building tips, Christian books, eBooks, Audio-books, Apps, Audio and Video podcasts, MP3, and MP4 downloads, and Special event & services.

JLE has its first child company, JLE Publishing Services with ToastAuthors as its signature program. ToastAuthors makes available to authors a new platform where their voices are no longer silenced due to the high price usually associated with book publishing and also encourages authors to create quality Christian education contents for our future generations. Authors can now share their ideas and inspire the world with their stories as self-publishers through our 'No Angst' publishing services. 

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